Controller support for the game

title speaks for itself, controller support would be extremely useful as currently its extremely difficult to try and play the game with a controller. Please add better controller support into the game. Thanks in advance.


How so?


Are you playing with a controller on PC?


yeah i think thats what they meant


Controller support is fine, I think different button mappings would be a good idea, i.e. being able to swap the handbrake button from LB to X or B, or having the option to press Y to get out of the car, that way you could use A for something like downshift, and X for upshift. Also, try using the buttons that are not used, such as pressing D-Pad left to flip or respawn, or using RB as a clutch (of course allowing the clutch button to be changed), would be good. Another thing you could do is add a realistic mode and an arcade mode for steering, as well as sensitivity controls. So, realistic mode could be where, instead of steering where you want to almost instantly, it could be where its more gradual, making the game better for a lot of people using controllers. You should also allow buttons to be held for a different function than when they are pressed, such as pressing D-Pad left to flip, but holding D-Pad left to respawn your vehicle. Also, that way things are more simple, make things that do not match the button to use match, i.e. making the enter vehicle button X instead of e. That all I have to say, have a good day!

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