Co-op racing gamemode

So i thought of technicals in CC2, and then it gave me an idea, why not have gamemodes where you need to work with a random person or a friend where you are the driver and your passenger is the gunner?
If your going single, in a car without a turret, you would have to get a narrow minigun powerup, and you can shoot but it has cooldowns, turrets on cars also have cooldowns, also the machine gun and minigun bullets will take 5 bullets to take a part off a car, just so it wouldn’t be OP.
Also, a death race reference, but by the way, you only have an extra life to respawn but after you die you have to spectate, anyway back the death race reference, so, a player will be secretly selected as the driver of a semi truck with guns on the trailer before the race, the trailer could either have a rotating minigun or a rocket launcher that is remote controlled by the driver, the truck with weapons can be obtained if you won as the truck with weapons in the gamemode, to destroy the truck with weapons, you need to get a landmine powerup or a rocket launcher powerup for your vehicle where it only has a single rocket, also to win you have to kill your last opponent too.
By the way, there can be landmines that aren’t powerups or explosive barrels on the track.


i would like to ping everyone on this forum to see this but i can’t because that would be annoying

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I like this, but I think it should only take 1 or 2 bullets to break the windows of the car


or probably more than 2 if its an armored window