Changing #cc2-bugs channel

So now #cc2-bugs channel chaotic and evidense players send is not enough to fix bugs and i know a way to fix it. First of all create an report format. Explame:
Description: (description of how that happened or something)
Video/Screenshot: (important)
And reports that wont follow the gormat will be deleted and people who sent that will get warned. And also add emoji reactions to report messages to indicate if its fixed or not. Explame:
:Emoji: - intentional
:Emoji: - potentially fixed
:Emoji: - fixed
:Emoji: - will be fixed later
:Emoji: - cant be fixed / roblox issue
:Emoji: - cant tell what bug is
:Emoji: - already fixed or you is on old server
Okay, that was all for the suggestion,
And sorry for bad eng and im also typing from phone.
Thanks for attention. Bye.
Oh and also idea is taken from JToH discord server (obby game).

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No one listens to anything when it comes to posting in bugs channel even if people were told not to repeat bugs, it would still happen, emojis wouldn’t make the situation better

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Albeit a good suggestion, sadly we don’t emphasise the use of the channel enough to justify such a change, we prefer and direct people to use these forums instead as it is more organised.

Besides, despite the pinned message by Hep people still don’t listen.