I think they need to make it so that in the new helicopter, when you cross the yellow line in the back, it randomly seats you and you can’t get up. On mobile, it takes a couple of seconds (4 usually) to sit down, so its hard to do last second. Maybe a rope could drop as the helicopter is taking off if you miss it. Another thing, I don’t know if it’s fixed, but you shouldn’t be able to respawn your car when you’re seated in the helicopter, a lot of people say “Press R to pilot the helicopter its really cool” to try and get them killed. That’s all I have, Thanks!


I agree there needs to be some kind of change to make it easier to sit down however I do not see a problem with being able to respawn your car while in the helicopter.

I have done it myself and managed to get back into the helicopter but honestly if you fall for it you deserve to to get burnt to a crisp by the core.

I’m not so sure about the rope thing but either the yellow tps u into a seat or just remove the press E to get in a seat as sometimes it doesn’t show up and it is just really annoying.


On xbox I can sit sometimes most of the time it bugs out and wont let me sit so I basically dont bother trying to escape I have all the cars anyways if they make it like the old one where you get close to a seat you will sit down instead of holding down a button

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