CC2 island map

Becouse I like cc2 I wanted to make a map of the island. Yah.

This one is from way back in update 28:

This is the first one I made. It is also the worst. I didn’t use any help, by then I had memorised the map.

Second map I made:

The making of the first map was fun so I decided to make one more 4 updates later. I wanted this to be better so I joined the game and drove around the island and I drew everything I saw in a 2D version. It is the most detailed map I have made.

The latest map I made:

This is my favorite becouse it looks better then the others. The front page has a nice background and like I think everything on it looks good, except my writing. Maybe it has less detail then the others but it’s more basic and I used a better pen when drawing. This time I only used the “Around the world” race map that Panwellz posted on twitter.

Yep that’s it, I think I am going to keep making maps untill I quit roblox or something. I can’t wait till the map expansion update. I want more places to explore and I want a different map to draw.


I’m reviving this because this looks fantastic

Dang that’s nice