Cc2 bug report from a person who likes messing around

Can the bug be found among the known bugs in the trello Trello? If so, upvote it there instead!

What is the bug?
Answer: the Ferrari LaFerrari and Koesnigsegg Agera R have the tendency to randomly bug and be sent flying or even clip into the ground. strength if the fling can be anywhere anywhere from to the ceiling of the facility to out of bounds.

How often does the bug happen? (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)
Answer: rarely

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:

  1. there isn’t any steps, everytime you start driving there is a slim chance is happens

Is the bug related to GUI or something that only happens for you? (GUI = the dealership, derby win screen or any other interface)
Yes/No: no

If yes, screenshot all unique red and yellow text in the developer console and post it here. (Open console by pressing F9 on computer, otherwise by opening roblox settings, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the open developer console button.)

Roblox username: fanta123683

sorry bout the part below, it’s just a summary and me clearing some stuff up :)

I guess you can kind of relate this to one of the high priority bugs right now but this is getting flung, clipping through the ground, and sometimes even a mix of both, also if this happens during an air time or crash speed comp, it gives you an unfair advantage, once this happened to me when (during a crash speed comp) I got flung and got a speed of 3061 mph, hope you can get on this soon. (if its not already being worked on) Also the only cars that I know do this are the Ferrari LaFerrari and Koesnigsegg Agera R, I don’t know if this bug happens to other vehicles, I’ll keep looking into it, if I get any screen shots I’ll put them in the discord.

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