CC1 Vehicles Special Event

There should be this event where you can purchase CC1 Vehicles with this currency called Dollars, Used for the CC1 Vehicles that didn’t make it and the removed vehicles that reside in CC1
So basically, these things come in Supply Drops and give about 350-1,000 Dollars every time
image= 150 Dollars

= 225 Currency

= 235 Currency

image = 240 Currency
image= 50 Currency
image= Free (The vehicle that starts the event for you)
image= 265 Currency

image= 275 Currency
image= 350 Currency
image= 530 Currency
image= 360 Currency
image= 290 Currency
image= 300 Currency
image= 390 Currency
image= 370 Currency

(ignore the Truck on the right) The bus is 500 Currency
image= 800 Currency
1,000 Currency
image= 2,000 Currency
Note: The 1,000 Currency from the supply drops is extremely rare (3% Occurrence) So bring a four leaf clover with you.
Ways you can get the currency:
Races: They can range from 50 all the way to 300
Supply drops: Self Explanatory
Derby: if you win you get 250 Currency
Driving: You earn 1 Currency per 3 seconds



This is for the people that want these vehicles in cc2 in a special event

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