Bug with airport ramp/Thrust SSC

Thrust SSC gets absolutely demolished when going on the right airport ramp.

Bug happens probably on a 50/50 chance.

When using the Thrust SSC, driving to the left side of the airport, then going full speed to the other side of the airport with the aid of the Rocket Booster gamepass, the game sometimes recognizes the Thrust SSC crashing, resulting in me ragdolling, and it sometimes even gets absolutely demolished. Some notes, SSC was undamaged prior to bug, all of its performance stats are fully upgraded, I believe it is geared to max acceleration and minimum speed, and it is made mainly of the Silver gamepass material with some parts made of the Neon gamepass material.

I believe this bug is NOT related to the GUI.

My roblox username is PastaMan801.

Note, I had gotten maxed car, then I reset my stats a while later. I own the Maxed badge as proof, as well as Tier 1 and 3 badges, Trillionaire badge, 250,000 parts badge, etc.


Reported way too many times before