Broken rag-doll physics in the Derby Arena

What is the bug?
Answer: When playing in the derby arenas, I will respawn and rag-doll physics will kick in when i’m in the car or not. This will make driving a really tedious task, and the car will just flop around as if it was a fish out of water.

How often does the bug happen? (Everytime, sometimes or rarely)
Answer: It doesn’t happen super frequently to me, but every server or two I can see someone else’s car flopping around.

What device did you play on? (Computer, Phone, Tablet or Xbox)
Answer: Phone (iPhone 15 Pro Max)

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:

  1. I went to the Derby Arenas
  2. I spawned in a tier 1 super car and drove accordingly to the gamemode (it might be a glitch for any car, I don’t know)
    3: While playing, I got knocked out or badly hit, causing the bug.
    4: I’m forced into rag-doll mode; resetting, respawning, changing rounds or cars, and going back to the lobby (in the derby arenas) wouldn’t switch my avatar’s physics back
    5: In order to go back to normal, I simply just left the game

Is the bug related to GUI/Interface on the screen? Or did the bug only appear for you? Check yes if the bug didn’t happen for everyone in the server at the same time.
No (I’m not 100% sure if so, but I do see other peoples vehicles flopping around, which I assume is the player experiencing the bug themselves)

The videos may or may not work, but if they don’t, it just visualizes the bug.

Roblox username: tornadostorm991


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