Better death noises idea

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I feel like hearing bones cracking when you are injured by anything is out of place. Here is what I think the sounds should be.

Lava: Normal.

Low impact: meaty punch

Medium impact: Keep normal.

High impact: splat noise.

Minigun: bullet zip sound

Crushed: record the sound of a bell pepper getting slowly squashed by the flat end of a knife blade.

Hammer: swoosh sound effect and the sound of a jalapeño getting squashed.

Shredder: Simply take a rolling pin and squash a tomato or bell pepper.

Acid: sizzling noise

Fall damage: bone snap

Spike impale: just stab a bell pepper.

Bass boosted: firecracker explosion and blood drip combined.

Nuked: rumbling and then going completely mute.

Sharp blade: A knife being sharpened.

Garbage fire: bacon sizzle.

Frozen: take a bell pepper and slowly crush it with your fingers.

Why a bell pepper? That vegetable getting crushed, crunched, or sliced has sounds that can be used correctly as hurt sounds.

This is the same strategy that Mortal Kombat 11 sound designers used to great effect.


…why did you take the time to make this


Because I get bored of hearing a bone snap effect in place of a meat splatter effect. Hopefully it would make people avoid hurting themselves because of how brutal and disturbing the sounds would be.

That and I love the work that sound designers put into any medium. People forget that they can be MVPs in something


yeah but i think this is too much detail


What am I supposed to say?

Sliced: Idk just get a stock sound effecf

That isn’t dedication man. Sound is important and hearing a stock sound effect makes people laugh cuz they heard it from other games.


Its like hearing that chop sound effect and laughing because you expect to hear a goldeneye sound effect afterwards




here’s the thing, there is no time he lacks detail

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