Banned players channel

From: Narvalote

Cordial greeting.

I would like to make a suggestion about a new channel in Discord. It would be a channel displaying the players who got banned in CC2, in order to be aware of the reports on exploiters and let us know whether they got successfully banned or not, this may encourage reporters and they will therefore keep supporting the game and improving it on this regard. The message about the exploiter being banned wouldn’t be necessarily directly sent to the reporter but just the name of the player shown, so the reporters can search the exploiter’s nickname, check and know whether the report was valid.

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Unnecessary and could cause outside harassment in my opinion

basically BULLYING but not directly

kinda like shaming them

Hi there! Such an idea has been considered but we believe it would encourage harassment, and possibly gameify exploiting, as those seeking attention may try to get onto the list.

Due to those reasons we don’t plan on adding such a channel, rest assured a large majority of exploit reports are acted upon, aslong as they have the required proof.


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