Ban anyone is blocking the stunt race

This will be better without the trolls bc every time i play on the stunt race with pvp on someone will add a dam monster truck and they will block the road


then turn off pvp

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Yeah if the race says pvp is on? Explain this

leave the race thats what

the money rewarding races:

Nah i am not leaving the race every time

Just dodge the truck it’s not that hard
If it is blocking the enterance or any tight corners that’s a different story

I cant do nothing bc he is blocking the jump

But what if the truck is a Dodge, you can’t dodge a Dodge.

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It’s only a joke

That’s also a different story

I don’t think blocking a race is bannable so you gotta deal with it ig

Bruh that is not great solution

they should implement something like if someone is stationary for too long, then they get dnf’d

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Thats great

Are you Greek?

You found my YT Chanel? And no i am not

I did not find your YT channel. I was just asking cuz your name is Greek. Are you maybe Cypriot?

No it was bugged cause i wanted to learn some greek