Badge role changes

Cause of Update 39 I feel like some roles you get for badges should be replaced with others, so here are my proposals:

  • Replace Demolisher role with Annihilator role (I know it’s not a badge but it should be one IMO) for those with over 5M parts, those between 250k and 5M should still have the Demolisher role
  • Removal of the Trillionaire role (Maxxed Out exists and basically says the same thing)
  • Addition of Race Champion and Competitor roles (maybe not Race Champion cause of Race Record but if the option’s there then yea)
  • Removal of the Derby Master role or alternatively move the requirements for the in-game badge to 200 Wins

Cc2 is messed up, I might leave the community just becouse of small mistakes like these. Game developers needs to understand that big updates and improvments isn’t the solution sometimes. They need to clear things and make the game more professional by slowly fixing small details. It may be small but if you fix a lot of them its a big change. This is the reason I lose interest in many games, I can give examples.



oh sorry I coughed a little bit


My only ‘beef’ with CC2 is the styling, and I don’t mean the cars need to be smooth and realistic like other games (which might be easier considering you’d just have to copy the looks of the real thing and not polygonize it or something), they just need to adjust the cars to have a consistent styling, because as you know there are older models, blocky models, models more detailed than others, ect.

Also more specification on when you say “improvements” but I think you’re talking about bugs.


I don’t hate some of these ideas, they may be introduced soon.

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