Austin a35

name: austin a35


top speed 71.9 mph (115.7 km/h) F class
engine placement: front mid
class of car: van, sedan, wagon
maneuverability: the same as a mini
production: 1956 to 1968 all models combined
doors: depends on what class but normally 3 (van) or 4 (saloon)
engine: 1,098 cc *[A-Series]
transmission: 3 speed manual and nothin else
wheelbase: 79.5 in (2,019) mm
length: 136.5 in (3,467 mm)
width: 55 in (1,397 mm)
height: 58.27 inches
curb weight: 749 Kg / 1651 lbs
suspension: swing arm
weird feature: instead a push a button or twist key its hand cranked
parts: still dont know
history: its a saloon car for Britain but were talking about the van ver its for poor people to get in business
fun fact: this car was a star in wallace and gromit it had been appeared as their van twice
horn: the same horn as the taxi