All cars avalible in derby (inluclding vip ones) in derby

Make All cars available in derby al cars (including VIP ones) it’s not possible but seems fair enough

u mean let everybody even noobs with 0 cash have every car in derby?

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Hell no m8

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Yea, that suggestion is going to be abused a lot

That is a complete understatement


no its fair to him as he is noob

onlywith 1t lul

i saw that


u were trying to insult me vulgarly i know it im gonna call a moderator

i have 1t

i have 220 trillion

why did you report me just because have 1t money

u called me a d*ck

i didnt said that you bullying me or trying to trick me

bro look up

very nice u edited it

also i have evidence

Nice try but you photoshopped

i dun even know how to photoshop

well moderators can check u know they can see edited messages