Air time bug

Hello, in this video there is a bug, that going around there gives you time in the air
2022-05-16-01-59-09_8HunmdPe.mkv (34,6 MB)

This is not a bug.
I can also drive a car on a wall. It’s easy
when you have a fast car.

Moving this to #bugs:cc2-bugs

Everyone can ride on the wall when they have a fast car

when i use the thrust car it gets destroyed on the ramp at the end of the runway

So, im talking about the Air time, not about if Cars can ride the wall

Ah ok

Every time I am in the stunt man event, and I go to the runway in a dragster, and hit the ramp going like 500mph+, it doesn’t count my time when I hit the water. I don’t have a video because I’m on Xbox and typing this on a phone that won’t let me get Xbox app to download the clips on.

It happens to me also

This also happened to me, though on a less game-breaking scale, whenever I’d take a fast vehicle on the incomplete loop-de-loop, on the way up, I’d get airtime, and as normal, I got airtime when going back down, eventually landing on my roof.