Add a title for destroying 10k cars

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1 car only doesn’t feel enough for me
Title: Master Crusher
Color: dark green (to match with the car’s color)

Tank (Nico457864)


Dude, there is already a title like this in the game, but you can get it in another way (you can see all the existing titles on the online Wiki)

It’s easy to understand why the reward is low, it takes a lot of time and focusing on that alone takes away from the fun of the game (although the car from the million-part mission is much prettier and relatively good in the derby)

If you consider that it will take at least 200000 seconds (according to the respawn time) you would be spending almost 56 hours directly focused just on destroying, and as a person who likes derby and sometimes races it would tire me out too much to do just that

This mission was actually made for you to achieve over time, when you had already released all the vehicles and had done all the other missions, it wouldn’t be something for you to focus on doing quickly.

Furthermore, in my opinion the reward could be better but it could not be as good as not everyone has enough time to complete it “quickly”

TL:DR: The quest was made to the completed over time and adding a title would get too many people grinding too much.