Add a fourth restriction to the Derby Arena

Currently in the game there are three restrictions for the derby arena, having the following name and number of normal and group vehicles:

  • Beginner: 56 vehicles;
  • Experienced: 68 vehicles;
  • Pro: 105 vehicles.

Now, let’s consider all types of vehicles and make a similar list:

  • Beginner: A total of 85 vehicles;
  • Experienced: A total of 113 vehicles;
  • Pro: A total of 175 vehicles.

As can be seen, the pro arena has, on average, twice as many vehicles available for use compared to the beginner arena. Because of this, the first vehicles in the pro category are noticeably more inferior than the last vehicles.

For example, the first tier 3 vehicle is a 15-ton military truck and the last is an 82-ton giant drill. The differences can also be seen in tier 1 vehicles, but in my opinion it is easier to see the difference in tier 2 and 3 vehicles.

Well then what’s the solution I thought of?

In my opinion, the amount of vehicles from the experienced and pro arenas should be combined and divided into three parts, one third would go to the experienced arena, the other third would go to the pro arena and the last third would go to the new difficulty that would be created.

By doing this, the three parts would have a number of vehicles very close to the number of the beginner arena. It wouldn’t need to be three thirds of exact values, but leaving them similar would help a lot.

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