Add a disassembly tool

A Disassembly Tool for R$250 is a great idea as some CC2 players may be inexperienced with the Crowbar considering that it breaks everything directly In front of it, additionally the Disassembly Tool will make it very quick and easy to turn a normal car into a chassis with wheels and an engine considering its as simple as clicking.

for ease of use the Disassembly Tool must have an orange outline depending on where your arrow is hovering over prior to clicking as conformation to remove a part

for added satisfaction the Disassembly Tool should contain 2 modes like:

Mode 1:Click, Drag and Drop (for added realism)

Mode 2: Delete (you simply click to make a part no longer exist)


Damn you rich, why would you want this to cost 250? The crowbar costs like 25. So this should cost a little more, becouse its a little better than the crowbar


considering that the flamethrower (bringing up the flamethrower because it’s more precise than the crowbar surprisingly) is 450 robux, it’s not horribly overpriced compared to other options, but something like 100 would be more reasonable as 25 to 450 is a massive gap in price


when free private servers were first released in September the price of the new admin gamepass was discounted

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true, a discount upon release could work

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so like R$175 for the first 7 days and R$250 normal price

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I’m not even going to lie, i like this idea. Good pricing too.