About the planes, in my vision

idk why i make this, but, this is what i think about planes in cc2

i think the planes will take a VERY long time to come ( like 1 year or 2 )
because it would need to be fully programed to fly, be destroyed and don’t be laggy
and, the map need to be bigger, because, its very small to fly around

to destroy the planes i think it would be one of these 3:

a 3 floor, specially for planes
a new facility at the airport with bigger crushers to fit the planes in
can only be destroyed falling in the ground

the planes that would be added have a higher chance of being the small ones
( this don’t mean bigger ones won’t will be added )
and them would be unlocked after getting the maxxed out badge,
being like a ‘‘new game’’

the planes will have a new money ( probably ) or to unlock planes you would need to reset, they will have a new tab in the dealership

the upgrades would be:

motor upgrade;
rocket booster ( gamepass);
uhh, only that :P

costing the max scraps of the plane to get it

it would be free with the vip planes ( won’t need gamepass to use basic planes )

yeah, thats it XD
if you don’t think it would be added, uh, check the trello


it is being added but the island is too small, but the majority of votes in panwells’ twitter was the 2nd floor which is unfortunate yet has more places to explore

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