A new rim type that will be one of the most expensive but will look amazing

Check this out

Pretty cool, huh?
But wait, there’s more.
You can change the color of the rim if you want too.

Think of all the possibilities!

This would be the first rim with Primary AND Secondary colors.
I guess this wouldl come along with the Customizing brake calipers update, because the two would look awesome together.

That’s not all, though. Even MORE rims and even MORE possibilities!

And guess what? It’s already in the game! With only one car though.
I guess along with this we could add off-road rims, but I’m currently feeling too lazy to make a topic for that.
So whaddya say?
Get this topic noticed and make my day!


Maybe you can just do a rim that the outer part is a specific color (e.g. red)

some futereric rims like dis


u can just color dis thing

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good idea, mind if i add it to the post

just realized koenigsegg agera r has this image

seriously, y r u using the agera in cc1?

it was just a random pic i found on google

revive this topic rq
fr we need more and better rims