A new option

Suggestion: Add an option where for ex. if you hit a vehicle/armored car with something not powerful enough to penetrate it/its armor or something like that will deal less damage to it and the material/car will be destroyed harder. Like, in-game when you hit an armored vehicle like the APC or the tanks, it just destroys the whole part where you attack it, which is unrealistic. It should just scratch it a bit. OR when you get an armored vehicle and the minigun bullets destroy it, also not being any bullet holes(maybe add an option to enable bullet holes from shots). When enabling this option/mode, you will get the same money as, for example, when you hit an armored tank with a crowbar destroying the whole part, you’ll get the same money/cash as that when you just scratched the vehicle with the crowbar so it would be fair. This option will only work for your vehicle, if OTHER players enabled it then you will be able to do that on them too.


the last thing the game needs is a buff to tanks
they’re already cracked in jugg compared to shredder vehicles and this would push it over the top