A new car suggestions

I feel like as opposed to making new cars, we should make new types, as tons of the cars that exist are technically able to fit in these categories.

I will list the car types I want.

SbS: Small vehicles, not technically cars, but act like cars. By definition: a Side By Side is an off-road vehicle with a minimum of two seats positioned side by side and enclosed within a roll cage structure .

So… stuff like a Golf Cart would fit into this category.

Zero Turn: If it can turn without ever leaving its vertical axis (IE: Turn without ever having to go forward, like a tank) it would be classed under Zero Turn, much like a zero turn mower. Bulldozers, unique vehicles like the Super Drill, and tanks that don’t have to go forward when they turn are classed under this.

Ordinance: If it has a bomb or other deadly equipment on it, but never uses it like how tanks do, it goes under this category.

F1: Formula 1 type cars go under this category. Simple as that.

Concept: If the car was all but a concept in someone’s mind rather than being built IRL, it goes under this category.