A Japanese Themed "Noro Island" For Activities And Extra Crushers

Island Will Go Between The Tunnel And The Runway, Since I Don’t Like The Empty Space There And That There Should Be A 2nd, Smaller, Japan Themed Island.

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you arent the sponsor of the cc2 island so please stop naming stuff after yourself

its my idea so i am putting my name into it


this is a seperate island not the main island

clearly you didnt read properly
they aren’t adding an island with YOUR name on it

they add maps with names on them in derby, so why not a small japanese themed island for more things?

they don’t name them after the people that suggested the names

jeez, could you stop with the self inserting in your suggestions, thanks

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Norocar is the car company i designed for multiple games, and this is a single time that i inserted a reference, as in the sign next to the road.


Very interessing

there’s no proof for that so i highly doubt your badly put together claim

can we delete this

let sleeping dogs lie man
no need to necropost stuff you don’t like to ask us to delete it