A crash course on how to easily track down autofarm exploiters

Hello, I recently got back to the forums. With that, I would like to bring resources that I have collected from the game over the past 2020-2022 period, onto the forum, with this thread dedicated to autofarm exploiters. This thread will teach you most of the stuff you have to know about them and how they operate, to either make spotting and identifying someone who is autofarming easier, or if you’re a really dedicated exploiter hunter, track them down through servers and quickly report them.

Note that you can report exploiters on the CC2 exploiters report portal linked here (you must sign in with discord in order to upload reports):

First things first, what is an autofarm exploit? If you’ve been playing CC2 for a reasonably long time, you probably have already encountered a weird situation, where a player’s car would get thrown in the air to get wrecked, then respawn, with the cycle repeating.

Here is an example:

This means that the player is using a script that was executed using an exploit, the use of such tools is strictly prohibited on the Roblox platform and CC2, as it gives an unfair advantage to other players and is, of course, a form of cheating. Most of these scripts come in what we call a GUI (Graphics User Interface), which integrates many features, with for example universal features such as walk speed, jump power, fly, noclip, teleporting, and vflying (which stands for vehicle flying, yes the ones in the derby arena)… And game-custom features, in the case of CC2, autofarming. But you may also find other features such as remotely activating core meltdown, auto-rebirthing (tokens), and auto-escaping core explosion but even if they are presented as optional, they are still somewhat a part of autofarming. There are only a few GUIs available at the moment, but if fairly advertised, they get quickly popular and you end up with a swarm of exploiters every time one is being released or advertised on trending websites (although it seems that one popular and said to be OP GUI has been recently patched). And on top of that, they can get integrated into Hubs (theses can be pretty popular), which are offering scripts for multiple games at the same time, it is basically a way to regroup scripts for many games into one Hub/GUI, and a good amount of them are paid access. Most, if not all of these scripts are obfuscated, which makes the scripts unreadable and overall useless to view, making patching them way more difficult.

Alright! Now that you know what exactly an autofarm exploit does, let’s get to how to track them down.
The location is of course the most important factor, the most average autofarmers can be found where vehicles spawn, simply taking a look at each row for a good minute lets you know if someone is autofarming. Next, other smarter autofarmers can be found on the left side of the airport runway, as shown here:

Finally, this one is definitely not as easy to figure out, as, in fact, the autofarmer’s character is getting teleported to a normally inaccessible area, which is the tube with the ladder that gets you to the core room.

Here is what it looks like:

This makes identifying the player significantly harder, although you can still try to guess where they would respawn, using the leaderboard stats updating… But it will still make having solid proof against them way more difficult. If needed, you can request an AVAILABLE Head Moderator to join you so they can teleport to the exploiter in order to get a video recording of them, but make sure not to waste their time with poor speculations. ALTHOUGH, IT MAY BE THAT ONE “OP” GUI THAT HAS BEEN RECENTLY PATCHED.

Now that you are aware of the currently known locations, you know how to make sure if there is an exploiter in the server you just joined to play.

But if you’re really dedicated to hunting exploiters (like I am!), here is how to proceed: Most of them can be found in servers with a low amount of players, or even in servers with only them in. Simply get to the server list, and head down to low players amount servers (you can use extensions such as BTRoblox or Roblox+ to make the process way easier). You can try to identify exploiters using their avatars, with for example bacon hairs or free avatars, but that doesn’t mean that paid avatars are totally legit as in fact, I’d say that a good 50% of the exploiters I encountered had paid avatars. After joining the server, proceed to verify all of the known spots (spawn locations, runway, facility…) and keep an eye for Unidentifed Flying Cars, and do it quickly, AFK autofarming doesn’t mean the person isn’t behind their screen often checking for people joining the server to then pause their autofarm. As soon as you’ve identified an exploiter, you must get a video recording of them autofarming, with their avatar and their username (NOT DISPLAY NAME) visible, to finally report them on the exploiters report portal, and congrats, you’ve successfully reported an exploiter and contributed to making the game fairer for everyone.

In the case where you would encounter other types of exploiters (mainly vehicle flying), the process is the same, get a video recording of them flying their car and potentially ramming other players, try to get a good sight of their avatar and compare it with their username in the ESC menu, or ultimately try to get in their car as a passenger if you even manage to do so. I haven’t ever dealt with that type of exploiter so if you know any good ways to operate better than that, feel free to share your knowledge on this thread.

Right, now that you know everything you should know about autofarm exploiters and how to proceed to track them down, you’re free to obtain your Exploiter Hunter License and make CC2 clean off the exploiters!

Thanks for reading this thread, if you think that I have missed something or if you have any useful information to add, feel free to share it here, the same thing goes for questions. I will keep this thread updated whenever it is needed.