2021 TLCC Ferrari Testa Rossa J

NAME: 2021 TLCC (Mini) Ferrari Testa Rossa J

Ever thought of what it feels like to drive an old school, purpose built race/super car from the 1950s? As a kid, everyone who learned about racing from their pops probably imagined themselves driving one of those things, letting it be just a dream. But nowadays, if you’re rich enough, you may finally get to drive a car just like younger you desired!.. literally.

The Testa Rossa J (that’s two words and a letter) pays homage to one of the most beautiful V12 race cars Ferrari ever produced, by making it a bit slower and shrinking it, that is. Hey, if you can’t pay the full price for the full car, some corners have to be cut. And that’s almost exactly what The Little Car Company did in 2021.

Known for their Bugatti Baby and AM DB5 Junior, TLCC brings the “pocket rocket” from Wreckfest into real life, producing fully-capable race “toys” at smaller scales. The TR J is their latest project, fully made in collaboration with Ferrari themselves, which means everything down to the last detail is identical to the original 250 TR, at 75% size.





Imagine this but smaller (in ratio to a normal robloxian)


General specs
Drivetrain RWD
Powertrain 12kW Electric motor
Horsepower 16.1 hp
TS 50 mph (kinda sad ik)
Chassis Tubular steel
Tires Custom 12 inch
Wheel type 125 SR 12 Pirelli Cinturatos
Weight 570 lbs