2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD (classic)

2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD
-Engine: 6.0l Duramax diesel (default) and a 6.6 optional, and lastly but not least a whopping 8.1 liter vortec engine.
-Horsepower: (stock) 300 Torque: 360ft-Ibs
-Transmission: 4 or 5 speed auto
-Drivetrain: 4WD
-Fuel cap: 34 gallon
-Vehicle weight: 5600
-Frame: Very heavy, fully boxed. HD reinforced
-Towing cap: whopping 12,000 pounds!
-Dimensions: 222’’ x L x 80’’ x 76’'H
Description: This would be another great add for CC2, a classic heavy duty truck made by GM. Compared to the ram I posted earlier, its frame is at least twice as strong, hencing this truck having a very high defense. Zero to sixty is around 7.7 seconds, which isnt bad, and engine has a good amount of torque, offering great offroad and towing capability. This would be a nice tier 1, but would be very strong at tier 1, probably tier 2, who knows ;)
Attack isnt anything to write home about, but VERY high defense, would be very nice in derby FFA rounds, and team battles like team deathmatch and such.
CC2 STATS (below)
Accessibility: VIP vehicle only
Defense Rating: 155
Attack: 43
Price: (UP TO YOU)
Tier: (UP TO YOU)
Pros: -Very sturdy, can take an insane amount of punishment in derby
-Not as long as some other trucks, smaller target in a way despite having much higher defense
- Faster than the late model silverado (in game)
-Great offroader, and nice in chases in derby and facility…Good turning for a truck and can take serious damage before being disabled
Cons: - Being a truck, can be outmanuvered by cars
- more prone to rolling compared to sedans, but is to be expected of a truck.

Post opinions and comments below :)

EDIT I can add more pictures if asked. :)


i think we already have enough truck suggestions

but anyway start a warzone