2000 Toyota MR-S GT300

all the W30 handling without the W30 underpoweredness

a JGTC racecar baes on the Toyota MR2 I guess…?
looks cool, goes fast and won the Super GT championship back in 2005 driven by Team Reckless.
According to the GT games (where the 2000 season car is featured) it’s fitted with a 300hp 3S-GTE turbo I4 from the previous gen MR2 and weighs around 1150 kilos. This’d place the Tayatzi MS2 GT300 somewhere in low to mid A class. It’s heavily limited by its low 260kph top speed but, being an actual racecar, the insane 21 handling rating and high acceleration and braking stats make it a formidable opponent on twisty tracks, especially when maxed (and this also comes at a cost of being completely useless in derby).
Priced at 40-50M, might or might not be a limited, but most likely a group car.