2000-2001 Isuzu VehiCROSS (or VX)

2001 Isuzu VehiCROSS

It’s adorable (imo)…but do not be fooled. This is a very nice performing car especially for the year and price
Very fun to drive, excellent for basically everything minus gas mileage.
Real life stuff:
Powered by a 3.5 Liter V6-E1 engine, pumping out a rating of 214 Horsepower, and about 231 ft/Ibs of torque…however, these ratings, mainly the horsepower, may seem subpar, but do not be fooled…this vehicle utilizes it’s Torque On Demand (TOD) Four wheel drive system, make it VERY gutsy down low, especially in four. (one mentioned is four wheel drive) So acceleration, bottom half range of its speed range, is very good. Equipped with these things, I could see this being a very durable…hornet, in derby. Fast, amazing turn (short wheel base) and great defense for a low tier. There have been news reports on this getting wrecked, one man took a hit from a tractor trailer (not a lie) and lived without so much as a scratch. ANother, took a four door sedan head on at 90 miles an hour, and again, the person lived. Very nice durability. Sorry I type so much, I absolutely love this car. I hope it gets added, it is very rare and nice piece in real life.
Accessibility: VIP only (due to powerful stats and very unique build)
(one thing I forgot)-Is two door, seats four)
Tier: 1
Attack: 52 (stock)
Defense: 130 (stock, its ability to mount a plow or not is debatable given how deadly it already is, minus mods)
Price: will post when I get my internet back on, after I browse thru car prices to find a good spot.
Post opinions below :)
Oh and more pictures:


Price will be up shortly, but will be negotiable


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