1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Detroit Turbodiesel (4x4)

We need more diesels in the game
This is the GMT-400 Silverado, the 800’s older brother :>
If it came down to the decision of it, I would probably get one of the GMT-400 Diesels instead of the GMT-800, the detroit diesels are damned indestructible. Pure workhorse.
These trucks are not fast unless modded, but even then they are not super fast. They are durable as hell, heavy as hell, mean as hell. These trucks can pull, offroad, and haul better than probably the best of them
Do not tangle with this thing in a derby, or you will end up with your truck snapped like a twig
(the GMT-400 1500 demolished a 2003 f-150 in a derby while taking minimal damage, imagine what the 2500 could do)
Anyways, I love these old workhorses, if I had the money at hand (applied for job, havent heard back yet) I would snatch one of these
this is like a Hilux, but the frame, engine, and suspension has some steroids
(the pictures are off of facebook, its just one of the trucks I have been looking at to buy //if I had the money//)
Just in case you were wondering.
also, searching images for this truck was exceedingly unreliable, so I just did this.

here it is getting some work done :)

b i g b o y

Also, this thing is a manual I forgot to say, but manual transmissions havent been introduced in the game yet
And yes, I would LOVE a standard silverado DIESEL to drive, hell to the yes
with a standard detroit you can pull pretty much anything you throw at it or haul anything you throw at it
also, this is a LONG BED, so largely increased rear end part count, durability, and weight.

Here is a short little in-game description of how this truck would perform.
Ok first off, for a regular cab, this thing is H E A V Y.
It has T O R Q U E
But one thing handling wise that sets this truck apart, is the suspension and the weight balance.
The front end is very heavy, however this truck is a long bed. Therefore the rear end weight is closer matched to the front, making the handling more composed.
This is also a regular cab truck, so it will maneuver significantly better than any other pickup truck in the game.
Drivetrain: 6.5 Liter Detroit Turbodiesel, w/ 5 Speed Manual, (just make it a 5 speed auto in game)
210 horsepower, and a whopping 440Ib/ft of torque at only 1600rpm!!
0-60: (unknown), but turbodiesel regular cab, its probably not too bad but not great either
Top speed: 86mph (This is as fast as this truck can go, redlined, diesels have a lot of power but are slow as mud)
Seats: 3
Weight: 5100 pounds, 2.25 US tons
The frame is same as the 1500 but MUCH taller and thicker overall
you can see in the pictures how thick the frame is just from it protruding from under the bodywork and through the front wheel well you can see how thick it is

CC2 stats:
Tier: 1
Access: VIP
Acceleration: (no mods) 8.1-8.3
Acceleration, with ALL mods: 11.07
Attack: (no mods) 43
Attack (all mods except plow and weight distribution): 63
Defense Rating: 141 (one of the most durable tier 1 vehicles in the game)
Price: You decide
EDITED: VIP and tier are up for negotiation
crash test of the 1500 version of this truck 62mph into deformable barrier


we are definitely missing diesel cars in the game


so should it be VIP, normal, or group, and what tier?
All things considered imo it should be VIP
its not a speed demon even with mods, but it would be one of the fastest “work” trucks in the game only being beaten by the Folstak 3500
this has slightly higher defense than the folstak 3500 and better handling (shorter length means better and more responsive turning)
and its quite heavy, making its “potential attack” very hard hitting


I think this truck would be an excellent counter to the tour bus and dodge police spam
This would also be a fantastic “team work” vehicle, basically if your friend is trying to accomplish something in a weaker vehicle, you could easily destroy people going after them, this truck has a great combination of durability and turning radius
would be able to attack other cars probably for a whole round until it began damaging itself severely
the fronts of these trucks are very very strong


There is also the 350 gas version of this truck its faster but a bit less torque
Has a really nice brown color


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