~1999 Buick Riviera~

not bad :)
might get added one of these days, is already in the semi-top car suggestions (probably 2 or 3 levels lower than the top 10)
So, this will soon be updated, will include more stats and I will begin to adapt @strenergy 's format with my suggestions and will include things like race class

I forgot to add ownership status of this car. This, I will actually put up for open discussion in this topic.

This car will be in beginner derby section of cars most likely. What do you people think this car should be in? VIP? Group? Exclusive, or normal?

The car price is up for discussion as well, a lot can be discussed about this car.

It’s actually really nifty because its kinda hard to decide at least for me. It’s rare but not super exotic. It has good performance but isn’t stellar. It’s modified state however is highly formidable for something of its age.
This car is also quite durable. Not a juggernaut, there are other tier 1s that are sturdier but certainly not many.
Handling is about average, gets above average with mods.
The price of this car may fall under 1M, or get close to it but again it is open for discussion. Post thoughts below!

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i think its neat, dont like the rear lights tho

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