{1996-Chevrolet Camaro Z28}

The 1996 Chevy Camaro Z28
I know we already have two in game right now, but I think it would be cool to have an old gen, a mid gen, and a new gen )1996 is technically old-gen but you know what I mean
This particular camaro has traits of the one in game, however this one is even faster. This would be the new fastest vehicle in beginner, surpassing the mustang in basically every aspect (defense, attack, handling) making the mustang a normal or group car, and this camaro taking it’s place as the best VIP car before you reach the TD
The best tier 1 car anyway.
Specs first
Seats: 2
Weight: 3,600 pounds (1.8 tons)
Frame: H frame structure with birdcage surrounding the cabin, offering excellent safety in real life crashes, and also contributes to the camaro’s famous durability. Is part unibody-part body on, a weird but very durable and smart way to build a sport car) The frame is hydroformed I believe, fully boxed, and a strong steel cage surrounding the occupant area and engine, making it a rather durable car even by today’s standards
Engine: the good ol GM 350 LS based engine, cranking out 285 Horses and an astonishing 325 ft/Ibs of torque. The power to weight ratio on this car is LOVELY. Engine is 350 cubic inches, otherwise known as 5.7 liters.
Transmission: The tried and true 40l60e transmission, which is a 4 speed automatic, and this car is rear wheel drive like most all camaros
Dimensions: 193″ L x 74″ W x 51-52″ H
Pretty large for a car, but very well performing and is an iconic car.

Acceleration (stock) 12.2
Acceleration (modded fully) 15.9
(these LS based v8s take VERY well to mods such as turbo power, or a charger of some sort, these engines are nice when modded, I know a lot about these engines so these numbers are as accurate as I can get)
This would be the new fastest car (and probably the best overall) in beginner derby, replacing the mustang as VIP and making the mustang a normal car at around 2.3M
Defense: 117 (no plow, this honestly doesnt need a plow, would spoil it’s looks anyway lol)
Attack: 63 (stock) 98 (fully modded, highest attack in beginner as of now if this was added)
Access: VIP
Tier: 1 (or 2, is honestly debatable given how strong it is statistically)
Beginner derby
VIP reasons: easily the fastest car in beginner, combined with superb handling, superb defense (for a tier 1) and extreme damage output make this a huge threat in beginner lobbies, and is almost unstoppable in the right hands. Making this a tier 2 is honestly debatable
This year of camaro improves in basically every aspect based off of the z28 currently in-game (as it does inRL, very good cars)
is a boat for a car, pretty large but pretty imo and very zippy
1996 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 specifications | technical data | performance |  fuel economy | emissions | dimensions | horsepower | torque | weight1996 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 specifications | technical data | performance |  fuel economy | emissions | dimensions | horsepower | torque | weight

Losta stuff in there including that massive 5.7 tucked in there. See the framework around the engine and the bodywork, offering nice protection for the engine bay. pretty tanky car. Built to survive and perform at the same time
I really like the interior on these (this is a different color car so interior is only different by being black instead of red) I like the way the radio sits lol and the red digital its really cool. Nice leather and carpet and massive steering wheel.
Anyhoo what do you guys thing. This be VIP either more expensive than the mustang or replacing it, making the mustang a normal car? is my opinion on it, but feel free to discuss. It would be the fastest and one of the most durable things in beginner




I’ve suggested the 2002 model (still the same generation) but since that’s a 35th anniversary edition and has different looks I’ll leave this open


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yes if you can’t image its Like you buy C5 at half Of Price with 4 Seats


Thanks For Cat Fish delivery a LS V8 Power+ SuperCharger for a Cheap




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