1996 Autozam AZ-1 ReAmemiya

NAME: 1996 ReAmemiya Autozam AZ-1 “Greddy 6”

Everyone who’s been into cars for a while will recognize the Autozam AZ-1, the gull-winged Mazda kei car that looks like a Japanese RS200. Despite being a pedestrian car, it got a higher “mazdaspeed” spec with a limited run, which improved the aerodynamics and its power output. But unlike most think, and unlike what was established in the forums until today, it was FAR from the AZ-1’s ultimate form.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name, ReAmemiya (or Re Super-G) is a Mazda tuner set in Japan that have been around for decades. They don’t only tune cars, however, but also make bodykits for Time attack, drifting, and a while back, GT racing.

This AZ-1 was a passion project that was never raced, despite being fully capable of it. Not a single part besides the main body frame belongs to an AZ-1 however, because everything down to the last touches of paint are custom-picked for performance. Oh, and did i mention it’s street legal?


Exterior (click to view)

Interior (Click to view)


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Rotary AZ-1 specs
Body/chassis Pipe frame, monocoque body
Transmission Porsche 962C trans
Suspension Blistein susp. from a 962C
Damper spring rates 1,500 pounds (26 kg/mm) at the front and 1,600 pounds (29 kg/mm) at the rear
Brakes Ferrari F50 brakes (Stock)
Engine 20B modified T78-33D, low mounted
Aspiration Single turbo (big) @ 500ps max output
Output 400+ hp
RPM 9500
Layout MR (mid engine, rwd)
Weight <1100kg

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