1972 MPV Tehran Type

NAME: 1972 Mercedes-Porsche-Volkswagen Tehran Type

Welcome back to another episode of “Car History with Galactic”. Today’s car of choice is the MPV Tehran Type, one of the most interesting one-off cars both in its design and the backstory.


To cut to the chase, back in the 70s, when something politically important was surely happening between Europe and Iran, Germany thought it was a good strategic move to get on the country’s good side. So, the MVP TT was born, “a gift which was presented to the Royal Court of Iran by the Germany’s ambassador on behalf of the Chancellor Willy Brand”. Its sole purpose was made to
. * drum roll *
teach the then-Prime Minister’s son how to drive. Yep. Not a performance car (even tho technically a race car), not a new-tech-testing concept, but a 80hp car that was probably easier to drive then a modern sim rig.

Anyways, as of 2021 it remains in the “Historic Automotive Museum” in Tehran, most likely to never be driven again.






Max output 80Hp
Top speed 170 kph (unlocked)
4-cylinder diesel engine by VW