10, 15, 20 and 25 race record badge and race record counter

Hi, I’m Flyingdidi. I’m presenting you this idea of making a specific badge that you get for obtain for getting 10, 15, 20 and 25 race records. All will be in a different badge. Why am I suggesting this? Well you see after you get the race record badge, there’s like, no point of getting any other race records. This annoys me and like I’m someone who owns 8 different race records last time I checked, it makes me sad to realize after I got my 1st, races become like, useless. So to add some traction, you can make badges of like I mentioned. I personally find this as a great idea because it will push players to play CC2 again to get the badge. And also to help users count, make a button near every single leaderboard who will ALL be the same, like mountain race can show some of your race records from island circuit but also will show from mountain race. its like you can see all your race records in every leaderboard to make it easier to count your race records. Please let me know if you think its a good idea, thank you for reading all of this


Getting something like 10 or more race records would be extremely tough for the average player, or even someone with trillions. The Race Record badge only has ~63k owners, which isn’t too many for a game thats been visited 1b times. If you want a rare racing achievement, get Race Champion (Win 30 races with 5+ participents), as only ~6k people own it.

The problem with getting the win 30 races is that people don’t really do races anymore. But maybe just atleast a 5 race record badge? It would be really fun