Caparo T1 Race Extreme

Revive :troll:

I feel like this car should be added with a actual race track

we already have race tracks

he meant another race track

no need for that

well, there isn’t a proper race track, the tracks we currently aren’t similar to most of the recognisable race tracks today

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because this game is not about racing, but crushing cars

well, if it includes cars, then it also makes it a racing game

it’s just how video games work

not really

no it’s true

its not

it is

no lol

yea lol

Anyways, if you say that it’s only a destruction game, then update 33 wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t have joined the forums

Yet here we are now

What I meant by race tracks I meant actual race tracks maybe like a nascar oval or a le man thing those kinds of tracks like real deal


yea that’s also what i meant


Thats not true just think of gta 5 for example, racing isnt the main part of the game

yes that’s what I exactly meant

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by that logic world of tanks is a racing game

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Lemme edit it,

I meant cars, not tanks

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