All Exclusive Vehicles in CC2

thats fine with me

bc u got all of them

and ur chill abt it

thats why many there are less ppl playing after update 39

eh not really
people still play its just that the exclusive cars dont matter to them


Literally the opposite I play a lot more since they added limited cars cause there now finally is something to grind towards again

Hey look my topic has a lot of replies all of a sudden I wonder what’s going o…

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That’s kind of what exclusive/limited means unfortunately.


That was an unnecessary comment @Leander.

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I love limited cars, favorite update added to this game.

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Added 4 Vehicles:

  1. Hyundai Ioniq 5
  2. Morris Mini
  3. UAZ Van
  4. Lexus IS300 (or IS250 I forgot which one)

its the is300 (the is250 is alr exclusive)
also the uaz is the uaz 452

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they should give us another chance to get the mission point vehicles sometime again.


i agree


oh right


Experiences on racing
Volvo Iron Knight has not good handling but has Great Top Speed and Acceleration

Ford Fairmont sucked at Everything

Scion TC Has Good top speed and Acceleration But has Poop Handling

Insight has Good Top Speed but sucked at everything else

Is250 is Decent at everything

Shunobu has Below average Top Speed and Acceleration but good handling

435i has Above Average Top Speed but Below Average Accelerstion and Average handling

Ventura is A sleeper Sedan but it sucked at everything

Gt2 S has Above Average Acceleration but Below average acceleration

G500 has Good acceleration but bad Top speed and handling

Miller is lackluster

V12 Speedster has average acceleration but Terrible Top Speed

Skull rattler has Above average top Speed and has OP Acceleration but Poop handling

Challenger Sleigh has Good acceleration but sucked at everything else

Nio Ep9 has Great handling and Acceleration but sucked at top speed

Testarossa is OP At everything

Mustang GT350 is decent at everything
Part 1

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nice contradiction

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Does couch car count as a limited?

no i’d say since it was never limited for a certain time for the public