Xbox bugs: boss race, boss master tittle, ragdoll psyhics,panwellz npc

First bug, when boss race is announcement, when the count is about to start after players choose the car, the count does not start and the race does not begin. Also skull rattler and other boss does not even move , and the race music does not start, there is facility sound instead. that bugs happens very often.
2. I have completed server announcement boss race in 1:55 and did not get the boss master title. That was my first time completing it faster than the boss due to the bug above.
3. Sometimes when I make hard crash like 300 kmh or something, It ragdolls me but I dont get launched too hard or even. The bug happens often. Second, when I get ragdolled, I get up, ragdoll, get up and ragdoll and then I need to reset or else I wont move.
4. When I click to talk with panwellz, I can not pick any option , I mean for example to ask how can I get credits or why did my gamepass from cc1 didnt transfer to cc2. That happens everytime.
My roblox username: Aguranpooplski.


One bug at a time