Working taillight

Usually people ask for working headlights, but headlights are only needed for night and a night cycle is yet to be added. Realistically, taillights are on no matter what.

Whenever you brake, the taillights of any vehicle that has it will turn into a neon material, of course the color is red, for those vehicles that already have the taillights a neon material should have the taillights a shiny or non-neon material until you hit the brakes.
The taillights have a slight illumination when they are activated, but can mostly only be seen in dark places.

Just a little extra suggestion, all the headlights of the vehicles that have them should be a neon material, or a more white color, not shining a light, just a neon or a bright white color.


uneeded but cool for aestheics

it may be also added when theres night in the facility


That’s the point, for aesthetics

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