Why I have been gone (TLDR: The plague)

So the reason why I have been gone was because I was dealing with the black plague.

What ended up happening is that my cat got fleas because she tore her seresto collar off. Then she was cuddling up near me and some fleas ended up spreading it to me.

I got the lymph nodes around an area I will not specify and a bad fever. Why did I not go to the doctor sooner? Because I mistook it for an abscess, which seems to share the same symptoms as the plague.

So, after the node got worse, I had to go to one doctor who said it was an abscess and then I had to go to a general surgeon who said it was the bubonic plague.

Luckily, the chances of me dying from the plague are lower than even catching it so I lived through it. Wasn’t bad being treated for it at all. Just was shocked I caught the plague.

I am plague free now but I was surprised that I caught it.

Covid was worse than the plague cuz when I knew I got it, I felt like I was hit by a semi truck the next day.

Also, here are some things I learned about it while I had it.

  1. It shares the same symptoms as an abscess (fever and chills) but instead of the bumps being the cause of the fever, the bumps were a symptom.

  2. It spreads via fleas, not rats. Its just that rats carried the fleas.

  3. When a lymph node leaks, the smell ends up being the worst part. Its the combined smell of blood, bad farts, and if you are in the room long enough and ate lunch already, vomit.


Oof hope your fine now


Did you actually get diagnosed with the bubonic plague?




Damn there’s only been single digit amounts of cases per year

Luck has not been on your side hasn’t it


Not really. Fleas spread it and it got to me. Luckily its gone from my body.


Hope you feel better

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I have been. Its just that the plague somehow feels better than when I got covid?

Maybe its because I reacted differently. Both were bad, don’t get me wrong.

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Yeah good thing you got through :prettycoolngl: