Why does JamesTheDerbyLegend hate the Granduer Dignity so much?

I have read a few suggestions made by James and his alt and he really wants a replacement for the Grandeur Dignity, but why? why would he want a replacement for this A class Drag Car (I mostly use it for A class drag races in the airport)?


No one knows except James, but it’s gonna be pretty hard to figure out.

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huh, ok then

He thinks it’s too blocky or smth


I mean it does the maxes acceleration of a koenigsegg agera R

Maybe he hates it when he gets beat up by a person who uses the Dignity in Derby i think

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Wait, is it the bad James?


Who TF Was JamesTheDerbyLegend?

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he’s some banned user

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A guy who posted Aton of nsfw stuff
It’s @jamesthederbylegend for reference

its me james i am back i amjames



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hi alan…

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how you doin

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