When next update ;-;

when next update i want to race and stuf

we might have to wait another month (programming is hard)

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i feel like smaller updates and the occasional big update would be noice

It could take to October 23 or November 11, I dunno, I think I saw someone say something about it.
But another full month is understandable.

I saw that too in a post I made. I guess somewhere between October 20 and November 10 (most likely sometime between November 1st).

BTW you almost got me. If it wasn’t for DrLupo talking about how I should use Gillette.

5 people rick rolled

4 actually.

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Technically, the first or second one i think was me but I got DrLupo talking about Gillette instead.

i will play CC2 again if they add back the winter smasher during the winter months

or something else thats cooler and that you could only get a limited time

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