What website should i use for making 3d cars

Hmm i recently have wanted to do this but due to lack of inexperience i have no clue what to use also pls suggest to me some websites. Note if u suggest them for me pls make sure it can be used on chromebook, doe not need chrome web store thanks


i want to follow blueprints like put the blueprint in the back ground

ik where to get the blueprints its just where should i model them

err im on a chromebook pls read desc

well i cant use blender


i cant download blender

and its a school chromebook and every month we have this self learning shit and i decided i will do 3d modelling

my parents are like no u cant use it

so im stuck with my school chromebokk sigh*

i dont think so

i tried asking to unblock whatsapp once saying i need it cause teachers sometimes post stuff there but they said its not a valid reason

ok sure thx

is it free?

it has a free trial but i need to download it



is there any other people in the forums who could help?

who? can i just ping them?

yeah thats what im trying to look for i found some but i cant insert a background blueprint