What’s inside about these gifts in game of this year?

Hi there, merry Christmas! Let’s talk about what’s inside of gifts of this year! As we known, gifts will open in Christmas Day 6am PST. What is your time zone and open time in your time zone? Take a screenshot from the event board in the game and tell me your time zone. I am living in Hong Kong, which its time zone is UTC+8 (The open time is 10pm in my location).

Contents of gifts in last year:
Common gift: 500 credits
Uncommon gift: Winter Smasher title (If got in 2019 or 2020 that will give 1000 credits instead (Now I don’t know how much credits will given in this year if player got it already, this title may give to players like last year)
Rare gift: Exclusive rim (Very rare, can’t brought from rim customization as now)
My guesses about rare gift of this year: Same as last year (may give credits if player already got it), freeze ray (Given by join CC2 during beta and a beta tester title was given), a exclusive spoiler

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Yes? Or else?

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There was just a spoiler and a tire

also the winter smasher title

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