What is your opinion on 2X Weekends?

I honestly think their useful when you wanna grind or have work to do but when you’re max then it starts to get a bit pointless


Very good in my opinion


As an end game player. I kinda wish they weren’t money boosters, but it’s also free so I can’t really complain


they’re cool to have but ngl nobody cares unless you’re a farmer

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I used it to reach 400t


I can see why it would be useful to people who likes getting money but I’m more of a parts person so I would be happy if there were 2X parts weekends

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same also how i got 400t

it’s basically the devs trying to get people to play the game as much as possible

Yooo ur back

how the hell do you even remember me XD

From a post on my topic or smth
All I know is that i was around when I last saw you

Well guess am back on forums now :)

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Just got 400T :slight_smile: