Vehicle List Sorting Uniformity

When accessing the vehicle list in the dealership menu, I have found that the Speed and Parts stats of a vehicle in the vehicle list do not change to match the vehicle’s stats when adding performance customizations (in the case of speed) or spoilers and add-ons (in the case of parts). This strikes me as odd, since the Race Class sorting setting does exactly this and changes after the installation of performance upgrades.

Additionally, I think the sorting settings in the Derby Arenas dealership’s vehicle list could also use some fixing. The vehicle stats in the Derby Arenas also do not match a vehicle if it receives customization upgrades. On top of that, the Parts and Race Class sorting settings are actually unavailable since they are replaced by the Attack and Defense sorting settings, which are absent in the Demolition Facility vehicle list.

To make it easier to find a vehicle based on its stats in both the facility and the Derby Arenas, I recommend making the vehicle lists reflect vehicle stats more closely, as well as adding additional stat sort settings (e.g. acceleration, handling, weight) instead of only the Speed, Parts, Race Class, and Attack and Defense stats.