Varying Core Explosions

There’s only one type of core explosion in the game, so how about a bit of variety?

The core could potentially continue to charge even after being full, and after an hour will Overcharge, and force an explosion to happen regardless of whether someone activated it or not. This will happen suddenly, and the only way to escape the island will be a boat somewhere around the island. You have to get to this boat in 20 seconds, but you will get double the rewards of the current explosion in-game (e.g. if you got 200B on a full core, this would give you 400B).

The core could also go off on its own for no reason while charging, and can happen at any time no matter how full or empty the core is, meaning there could be a tiny explosion that doesn’t even wipe out the facility. These small explosions only will yield 1/10th of a full core (e.g. getting 200B on a normal core would only give 20B). However, this does not happen within the first 10 minutes of it charging, and the chance of it occurring is extremely rare.

As for the core text, if it’s detonated by a player the text will be the same as the current one in-game. If the core overcharges, the text will say something like “The Core has been Overcharged beyond its maximum threshold. A boat is waiting outside Row X to take you to safety. You will recieve $XXX for surviving the explosion.”. If the core explodes for no reason the text will say something like “Abnormal activity has been detected in the core. It appears that it’s going to cause an explosion. A heli will be arriving outside Row X to take you to safety. You will receive $XXX for suriviving this explosion.”

Also, I know this has been suggested already, but there should be cutscenes for each of these explosion variants, showing the helicopter landing/the boat arriving, and maybe what’s going on in the core room.

The core explosion time is also dependent on how full the core is. Smaller explosions will be quicker, meaning the heli will arrive closer to the facility in easy-to-reach spots. Larger ones will take more time, meaning the heli will land further out. An Overcharge will always take 30 seconds, and the heli will always arrive outside Row 1 on the small patch of grass to the right.

Thanks for reading this, I usually don’t make topics this long. Lmk what you think.


Wow, this is a spectacular idea. I think this would make cc2 a much better game. This topic is so unique and I hope this could be added really soon.

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I don’t like it going off at random times, it’s more annoying that someone activates it and disrupts what you’re doing, but it doing it on it’s own? That’ll get annoying fast.

And someone being able to activate it halfway? That’s 10 minutes of time which is not long at all therefore there will be that guy to spam the core.

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Imo, this would be great because, you would randomly get money at any time.

But annoying to those who beat the game or maybe even people who haven’t.

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The chance of it going off randomly will be very slim

And you’re right about the second bit, so imma get rid of that

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I mean it was just some thought I had in my head, so I just started typing random stuff, so it’s going to have flaws

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NO OTHER CORE THING EXCEPT some sort of quantum bullcrap innovation has where the safeguard isnt tripped by a rise in temp. some earthquake happens and the steam gushes up and maakes anyone thats afk or stuck in core/ lobby go boom.
small vents burst out of the ground basically steam geysers at various angles, not just strait up. no announcement. just flat out intense hissing before the ground start to crack and a mushroom cloud happens instead of the other disaster as a core meltdown doesn’t happen but the pressure inside the core grows too fast for regular venting so island goes up in steam sending cars flying into the sky. cars dont take damage except for any windows they have and cars may land pretty hard and break lol. i just wanna see a land train drifting sideways at 300 mph

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maybe no overcharge or random core pls

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I thought the overcharge and everything was a good idea imo.

I only made this suggestion for the sake of realism tbh, and if I’m honest, I’m not really proud of this suggestion

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