Update of new cars in update 17-18 fourm. (Nissan Skyline GTR R34 V-Spec II Nür)

Just an update on my last fourm, I have been researching about models for the GTR R34 Nür.
StaySideWays, the ROBLOX user who built the models for mostly every Japaneese car in cc2 actually has a model for the R34 Nür.
Here is the model image:


I think what should be changed is the rims, as they are still decals like in the old version of cc2, until the rims were 3d models like today. An ADDITIONAL thing to add is an interior, and to make it even more realistic, make it right hand drive like it is irl.

Another thing I found is about engine models. Yeah yeah, dont yell at me because engine models dont matter alot, but I think this one NEEDS this engine model. It looks so similar to the actual engine! Here, take a look:

![Screenshot_20191128-163436_Roblox|690x335](upload://8g3bW8gsA0K8dVefTa983QH43D9.jpeg DSC09073

Thanks for reading, and as always, what are your thoughts? Do you agree and why or why not?
PEACE! -Tropvix


At the beginning of the game, we used free models due to the lack of self-made models. Now, all of the newly added cars are made by the developers themselves, and we add things that Panwellz asks us to add. Another reason why we probably wouldn’t use the free model is because if you haven’t noticed, the newer cars have lots of triangles on them, not just parts and wedges which makes the free model looks very blocky compared to the newer cars. Plus, there is already a version of this car in the game at 33 Million dollars, so we probably won’t add an alteration.


Well, I think it would be a good idea but I
understand what you were saying, I just wanted this car because I am on mobile and cc2 is the only car game that actually has my dreamcar, but isint the r34.

Thanks for the feedback anyways.


Already R33


But Its use i4 still Last Update its i6 RB26DETT
Its inline 6 not inline 4 why not ReModel This car


Bruh why is GTT model i want the GTR


Yeah in game is R33 not R34 aso it GTT not a GTR