Update 35 ideas

update 35 is coming soon, tell me if these should be added

  • attachable dashcams and cameras
  • window tint
  • manual transmission
  • new race types
  • day and night cycle
  • 9-1-1 mode (i suggested this so look at it before you moan)
  • 10 new cars
  • materials can be purchased for credits although they give out less value than the gamepass version (you can buy the gamepass when you have the materials for credits for the real value)
  • second floor

btw dont complain that these should be in suggestions these have been suggested before and im asking people if they should be added in update 35


Cc2 isnt a roleplaying game so i say no

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Also materials purchased for credits is a no

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second floor is on the ‘‘under development’’ board on the trello, so probably will be it

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