Update 30 review

i really lazy to tell the update 29 review
aso i will give it 1 points full 10 because

  • frist -2 points
    is here i8 dimension isn’t correct aso its ugly shape isn’t like original
    i think because it can’t fit inline 4 (in real life is inline 3 that its why i8 its 4 seat ) a front and rear will a little bit ugly isn’t like original picture
    that is why i love a jail break ver

  • -2 points
    is how long to remodel and remesh(dimension & performance +layout specs)
    RX-8,AE86,GT86,S14,BNR33,mustang,EVO,Jeep wrangler rubicon,dodge charger 1970 and charger SRT 2012,NSX(90s),supra mk4,camaroZ28 (i want the 1976-1977 model lol)and worstes is 911 rsr

  • -3 points
    is no care about inline 6+fake vents more engine bay space on FRONT ENGINE car and EG6,BNR33,R35,BMW M3 GTR,camaro Z28,911 rsr still have 2 seat in real life its have 4 seat

  • -3 points
    weight Transfer,torque,and understeer-oversteer physics i ALREADY tell the problems

P.S finaly gave +1 point
because this update its have Reliant Robin
Underground Loader and Tesla Semi YES I LOVE IT


thats a bruh




big brain


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